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icons by strangefrontier

NUCLEIC ACID : icons by strangefrontier
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I am strangefrontier. I have this absurd obsession with making these silly little squares for Livejournal. I used to post them at brakehorsepower, but I thought a community was a better idea, and thus nucleicacid was born. Now I don't have to faff about logging in and out with different usernames! [Ninth Doctor]Fantastic![/Ninth Doctor]

A few things...

• All my graphics resources - makers of brushes, textures, gradients, etc. - are in this post.
• No posts will be locked, so there's no need to join the community to see the icons. Watching it would be nice. :)
• Please comment when you take icons; it's always nice to know which styles and techniques people like.
• Credit isn't strictly necessary - for one thing, how would I enforce that?! - but it's polite and appreciated. I ask for credit so that folks can easily find their way back to batches of icons if they see one they like somewhere and want to see more.
• All posts are tagged; the archive list for easy searching is here.
• Layout code by leaf_icons, header and tweaks by me.

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